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The Benefits of Internet for Business

In today’s highly competitive world of business, it has become vital for companies to do all that they can to boost customer numbers and increase sales of goods and services. In years gone by, this could be costly and difficult to achieve. Businesses tended to use expensive TV, print, and radio marketing in order to advertise themselves, which often cost a lot of money.


These days, it has become far easier and cheaper for businesses to market themselves thanks to the internet. With more and more people going online to access goods, services and information, businesses can effectively raise their profiles, increase customer numbers, and boost sales via the internet. There are also more online tools and platforms than ever before to help businesses of all sizes to increase their success levels, which has proven ideal for small and start-up businesses.


6 key ways to use the internet to boost business success


There are various ways in which you can use the internet in order to boost the success of your business. This makes it far easier to compete with other companies on a national and a global level. Some of the main ways in which businesses can benefit from the internet include:


  • Your business website: One of the key ways in which the internet can help businesses of all sizes is providing them with the ability to gain exposure through a website. People now purchase all sorts of goods and items online so you can create a website not only to promote your goods and services but also to sell them. You should make sure that you have a high quality website that is user-friendly and packed with relevant content.


  • To engage with customers: Customer engagement is important for all businesses no matter what type of industry you are in. The internet provides the perfect platform to engage with customers in a number of different ways. For instance, you can send out email newsletters to existing customers. You can also engage with customers via social networking platforms by submitting relevant posts, articles, news, and promotions.


  • Deal with a global client base: Before the internet came to fruition, companies had significant geographical limitations in terms with who they could do business with. However, the internet has extended the reach of businesses not just on a national level but on a global one. You can now reach out to target customers on the other side of the world, which means enormous potential when it comes to both sales levels and when it comes to competing with rival companies.


  • Effective marketing: The internet has become a main means of marketing for many businesses these days. Not only is it cost effective and helps to save time but it can also reap fantastic results. Whether you are using special promotions on your website, engaging your customer on social networking platforms, sending out emails, or setting up an informative blog, the internet can make marketing your business and services fast, cheap and simple.


  • Remote working: Another great way in which the internet is able to help your business is by enabling you and your employees to work remotely. Whether you are on a business trip, on the road, or at home, you always have your office at your fingertips. You can use all sorts of solutions, such as cloud based ones, in order to access files and information and you can effectively increase convenient and flexibility by being able to work from wherever you are as long as you have internet access.


  • Communication options: The internet has also given businesses access to a range of communication options to use with customers, clients, employees, and other companies. This includes email, instant chat facilities, social media, and even video conferencing. This means a far greater level of efficiency, the ability to provide enhanced customer service, and speedy submission of information.


In short, the internet has helped to revolutionise the world of business over the past two decades. It has made a huge difference in terms of capabilities and opportunities for businesses. It has also helped to reduce costs, streamline resources, and increase overall efficiency across the board.

Some Google Features You Probably Don’t Know

Google is a name that is known all around the world and is used on a daily basis for business and personal use. This search engine giant dominates the world of the Internet and the words ‘Google it’ have become commonplace amongst people who need to find something out. There is no doubt that Google has made life far easier for businesses, consumers, shoppers, those looking for entertainment, those looking for information, researchers, and more. However, did you realize that there are various Google features that many people do not know about? Google provides you with the ability to do far more than just get information, shop, and browse websites.


Some key features that you could find useful


If you want to make the most of Google, there are various features that you can use. These features are not highly publicized, which is why many people do not even know they exist. Some of the ones that you may not know about include:


  • The ability to find cheap flights: Most people are aware of the various different travel sites that you can go to on the internet in order to try and find cheap flights, hotels, and travel deals. This includes sites such as and Expedia amongst others. However, Google also offers its own tool for finding cheap flights – Google Flight Search. Here you can view information from a variety of airlines and travel sites under one virtual roof to help you find the best deal in the least amount of time.


  • Language translation: Overcoming language barriers can be frustrating and difficult. However, Google offers its translation tool to make light work of this. In order to translate text from one language to another, all you have to do is type of Google translate in the search box. You will then be shown two boxes, one for the original text and one where the translated text will appear. It is extremely easy to use and makes it simple to translate text from many different languages.


  • Explore the stars: Google Earth has become a huge hit over recent years but you can now go beyond exploring the earth and find out more about space. With Google Sky, you can view images from satellites, telescopes and probes, which means that you can take a closer look at different planets, stars, and galaxies. This is a tool that is both fascinating and educational – it is perfect to keep the kids entertained as well as for those who have an interest in space.


  • Track your time: Using stopwatches, alarms, and other clock features is commonplace amongst those that need to track time and stay on schedule. However, you can also do this via Google, which provides increased convenience and ease. In order to use this, all you need to do is type into the search bar ‘set a timer for X minutes’. Google will then automatically bring up the timer and start the countdown – simple.


  • Coin flipping: We’ve all heard of flipping a coin in order to make a decision based on whether it lands on heads or tails. Well, with Google you don’t even need to have a real coin to flip. All you need to do is type heads or tails into the search bar and Google will bring up a virtual coin to flip.


  • Take a virtual flight on Google Earth: Explore Earth from a new perspective by taking a virtual flight on Google Earth. All you need to do is download Google Earth and then press ALT, CTRL and A. You can then enjoy a unique experience in the form of a simulated flight via Google Earth, enabling you to explore new places on our planet without even having to leave your home.


  • Find out where you parked: Many of us will know the frustration of forgetting where the car is parked. When you return to a busy crowded car park the last thing you want is to spend loads of time wandering around trying to find your vehicle. However, the Google app can help you to locate your vehicle. You simply need to set driving as your main method of transportation and you can make customized changes so that Google knows when to show you parking location cards.


  • Incognito setting: If you are using Google Chrome and you want to enhance your privacy, you can use the Incognito setting on Google. This will enable you to visit sites without the pages you view going onto your browsing history. This is ideal for those who have a shared computer and want to keep their browsing private from other users.


  • Play Pacman: If you want to take a little time out and enjoy a break, you can enjoy a fun game of Pacman courtesy of Google. This 1980s favorite can be played in an instant simply by typing ‘play Pacman’ into the search bar. You can then start enjoying this retro game right away rather than going in and out of different sites to try and find games to play.


  • Calculate your tips: If you go out for a meal with friends, you don’t want to have to spend time trying to work out who owes what towards the tip at the end of the evening. Using the Google app, you can work out the tip with ease simply by entering the amount of the bill and the percentage that you want to pay as a tip. You also enter the number of people who will be paying towards the bill in order to find out how much each person needs to pay towards the overall tip.


These are just some of the many features that Google provides access to. As you can see, Google is far more than just a search engine – this is a multi-functional resource that can provide you with access to a huge variety of tools as well as information and entertainment.

Play Games Online and Earn Money

Playing online games has become a major source of entertainment that is popular across many age groups. It provides gaming fans with fun, excitement, and the chance to enjoy the thrills of gaming from the comfort of home and without having to spend money. However, there is also another benefit that you can look forward to if you consider yourself a fan of online gaming – the chance to earn money and boost your income.


Many people are amazed that money can be made from online gaming, but it is true. There are various ways in which you can make money through online gaming – all you need to do is dedicate some of your free time. For gaming fans this is the perfect solution for increasing income.


How does it work?


The way in which playing online games to earn money varies depending on the site and type of game you are playing. Some will offer rewards for playing, which can then be redeemed while others give you the opportunity to farm items and trade.


Some of the key ways in which you can make money through online gaming include:


  • Online slots: Online slots have become very popular over recent years, and you can enjoy the chance to make money from these with ease. When you sign up to many online casinos they give you some free money to play with. You can then use this to play on the slots, with any money that you win becoming yours. Do bear in mind that you may need to initially use the money that you make to continue playing in order to meet the minimum wager for withdrawals but once you’ve done this you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account or PayPal.


  • Farming and trading: We have all seen how valuable online currency can be with the success of Bitcon. When you play certain online games you can engage in farming items and trading with other players. This type of activity can provide fantastic opportunities to make some serious money depending on the game that you are playing and your skills. Some people have made tens of thousands doing this sort of thing.


  • Rewards for play: You can also go on online gaming sites that offer access to simple online games and give out rewards points for those playing. Once you have reached a specified number of rewards points, you can redeem them for things such as prizes, vouchers, or cash depending on the rules of the site that you are playing on.


  • Entering tournaments: If you feel that you are skilled and confident in a particular type of online gaming, entering a tournament could earn you some serious money. Many people play gales such as poker online and winning an online tournament can mean serious cash. You generally have to pay a small admission to enter into major tournaments but this is just a nominal amount and if you play well it will be well worth the investment. Sometimes you won’t even have to pay an entry fee for a major tournament, as you can often earn entry through entering and winning free-play games.


  • Go on content based sites: Some gaming sites such as PaidGamePlayer focus on getting gamers to play popular games against one another in order to make money. Some of these sites hand out hundreds of thousands in cash and prizes on a daily basis and any money you make is a bonus because you don’t have to pay to play unless you opt for an upgraded membership.


  • Game testing: Another way in which you can make some money from playing online games is to become a games tester. Many major games studios are on the lookout for dedicated games testers and while you may have to test out games that you are not all that interested in you will also be able to test ones that are right up your street. Moreover, you can make an additional income from doing this.


As you can see, there are various ways in which you can make money from playing games online. This means that you can combine fun and entertainment with the chance to boost your income.

Internet Marketing Stories of Success

Internet marketing is a mixed bag when it comes to success levels. While some people who are involved in internet marketing have plenty of great ideas, some don’t follow through effectively and this means that their online marketing efforts fail. Marketing is vital in order to promote any person, business, brand, product or service. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for people to engage in marketing with great speed, convenient, and cost efficiency. However, you need to make sure that you used structured strategies, plan ahead, and know your goals as well as your audience in order to succeed when it comes to internet marketing.


Some of those who have achieved great success


There are many people who have managed to achieve enormous success as a result of their internet marketing efforts over recent years. These are people that have been dedicated and committed to making a success of marketing online. Of course, it is important to remember that internet marketing success isn’t something that is achieved overnight – you have to work at it and be determined, just like some of the successes that you will read about below:


  • Matthew Woodward: Matthew Woodward from has become one of the most successful online marketers in the UK. His hugely successful blog has won many awards and since he launched it in 2012 it has gained a great worldwide Alexa rating. He used high quality content and created top video tutorials with fresh, unique and valuable information to gain popularity amongst consumers on a worldwide basis.


  • Harsh Aggarwal: A blogger at, Harsh has become a big name in the blogging industry as well as one of India’s top internet marketers. In order to make his blog posts popular Harsh has adopted a special technique – to make his blogs personal in order to inspire others. His success has enabled him to go from earning $5,000 a year as an engineer to earning in excess of $50,000 a year as a full time blogger and internet marketer.


  • Jessica and Cliff Larrew: This couple has managed to earn a six figure income from their marketing on Amazon. The couple started buying and selling on Amazon after Jessica lost her job. In order to reduce time commitments, the couple used FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon, which is a service whereby Amazon deals with shipping, customer service and handling. The couple was able to focus on buying items to sell and marketing their brand, which resulted in the money rolling in.


  • Noah Kagan: The founder of AppSumo, Noah Kagan has generated millions in revenue thanks to his dedication and commitment to marketing. In order to gain this level of success Noah started arranging social media events with speakers, which enabled him to build connections. He was then able to launch a service to help other digital marketers, which gained huge popularity. Part of his marketing involves offering freebies to those who sign up to his service, which he claims increases sign up rates by around 20 percent.


  • Peep Laja: Pepe began his ConversionXL blog from scratch but now enjoys over 100,000 visits per month. His key to coming up with the right marketing strategy for his blog was to study other top marketing blogs online. He realized that longer blogs with images included tended to have far more success than short ones made up purely of text. He was then able to apply this to his own blog to boost the popularity of his blogs and enhance his marketing efforts.


  • Steve Brodsky: In a short space of time, Steve Brodsky has taken his List Builder’s Revolution product to new heights in terms of success. He is now able to generate $100,000 from the product and he puts his success down to some key marketing tips. One of these is to find an internet marketing technique to use and then stick with it rather than chopping and changing from one technique to another. He believes that doing this and being persistent helped to make his marketing and his product a huge success.


  • Ryan Lee: Ryan became an entrepreneur at an early age – before he even hit his teens. In adulthood, he had a number of jobs but then went on to create and market his own website relating to fitness products. He is now a millionaire and he believes that part of his success is down to dealing with and marketing products that he is passionate about rather than focusing on things that may be in demand but in which he has no real interest. One of the products he has become known for is the Millionaire Workout, which helps aspiring millionaires to learn about interment marketing as well as how to take care of their health.


Don’t give up if you don’t succeed right away – exercise determination and commitment


While these internet marketing successes all have their different stories, methods, and techniques, one thing that they do have in common is the ability to stick with it. Many have failed numerous times before realizing success and others have had a difficult journey to the top but their persistence has paid off.


Often, successful business marketing is a case of trial and error, which is why determination is so important. Those who are able to do their research, develop strategies and engage in forward planning, and stick with something rather than folding at the first sign of trouble are more likely to succeed based on the internet marketing success stories we have seen.


Reading about those who have already enjoyed success when it comes to internet marketing is a great way to gain inspiration. Most successful internet marketers will tell you that this is not an overnight success story that will see you going to bed a pauper and waking up a millionaire. It does require planning, effort, and willpower but these stories show that with the right level of commitment anything can be achieved.



Does Internet Privacy Need To Be Controlled?

The internet is something that is used by people all around the world on a daily basis. We go online for many different purposes, such as entertainment, shopping, research, work, socialising, and much more. However, it is important to bear in mind that a lot of the activities that you engage in online can be easily tracked, which means that you are compromising your privacy. When it comes to controlling your privacy and the sensitive information that you enter online, such as bank details, it is important to be aware of how you can better control your privacy.


There are various ways in which you can control and protect your privacy when you are online. This is something that is particularly important for those who share a computer, as otherwise browsing history can be quickly discovered by other users and if you save account and password information they can even get into websites and access your personal information.


Why is online privacy a concern?


Many people and businesses are concerned about online privacy these days, as it can be so easily compromised. Even the government have exploited loopholes in terms of online privacy for reasons such as surveillance, location tracking, monitoring, identification, and more. However, it is not just the government that is a concern.


Some people do not want friends, family members, or those sharing a computer to know about their online activities but these days this information can be easily obtained by others. However, if you make use of privacy settings, features, and solutions, you can better protect yourself against this type of issue. For some people, the concern relates to the risk of employers finding out which sites they have been visiting and when. Again, using privacy features and settings can help to reduce this type of risk.


Of course, another major concern is that your information may fall into the wrong hands. Cyber-crime has become a big issue over recent years, and if a cyber-criminal does manage to get hold of your personal and financial information you could find yourself facing huge problems.


Fortunately, there are ways and means of protecting your privacy and your online activities. There are various solutions that you can turn to and by using a combination of these you can significantly increase the level of protection and privacy you have when you are online.


Tips to control and protect privacy on the internet


There are a number of tips that can help you to protect and enhance your privacy when you are online. Following these will help to reduce the chances of your activities being tracked and can also provide protection against others accessing sensitive and financial information relating to you. Some of the tips you should familiarise yourself with include:


  • Choose the right web browser: The web browser that you use to surf the internet can make a big difference to your privacy levels. Some browsers are far more focused on privacy than others, so if privacy when you go online is a big issue for you it is well worth looking at which browser will be best suited to your needs. For instance, with the Tor browser you can remain anonymous when you are using the internet as long as the sites that you are going on to are secure https sites. Another option is the Opera browser, as this does not collect information and usage habits on mass from users like browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do.


  • Don’t save account details and passwords: Many people tend to save account details and passwords for sites such as eBay, Amazon, PayPal, and a wide range of other sites. However, if you use a shared computer this can be dangerous, as it means that others can easily access these accounts as well as your financial information. Even if you do not use a shared computer you need to bear in mind how easily cyber-criminals can hack into your system. With this in mind you should avoid saving details such as these on your system and just enter them each time you need to get onto the site.


  • Use settings and features provided: With all major browsers, you will be able to access settings and features to enhance your privacy. This includes the ability to clear your browser history, turn off tracking, and use incognito mode. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the privacy options available with the browser that you are using so that you can make the most of the features that they offer and further boost your online privacy.


  • Use add-ons and cleaners: Another convenient means of boosting your online privacy is to use add-ons for the browser that you are using. You will find that major browsers offer a range of add-ons that you can use and some of these relate to increasing your privacy levels. You can also consider using a privacy cleaner like the East-tec Eraser. These are designed to provide an easy and convenient means of deleting your internet activities.


  • Make sure you have protection: One way in which your online privacy may be compromised is through viruses and malware. These can also cause a range of other issues, so it is important to make sure you have appropriate protection in place. Make use of anti-virus software – you can get many free versions that will be perfectly adequate for home computers and these will provide greater security and peace of mind.


  • Remember your webcam: Your privacy can even be compromised via the webcam on your computer. Experts have stated that it is surprisingly easy for someone who knows what they are doing to take over the webcam and secretly film footage of you. Therefore, it is worth putting a sticker over the webcam when you are not using it to stop this from happening.


These are all effective and simple methods that can help to boost your online privacy with speed, ease and convenience.


5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

With our ever-increasing move into the digital era, we have become more and more reliant on advanced technology for all sorts of purposes. From our business lives through to our personal lives, many of us use computers and mobile devices on a day to day basis. These days, we also have access to high speed internet and broadband services. This means that we are now able to do everything from communicate and socialise to work, enjoy entertainment, and even make money online.


When it comes to making money online, there are many different options that you can consider. Huge numbers of people have been able to make extra money online in a variety of ways. With payment systems such as PayPal at our disposal, making money online has become even easier because we have effective solutions available to receive and withdraw any money that we make. So, how can you start making some money online?


Some great ideas to make extra money


Let’s face it – these days, most of us could do with a little extra cash to supplement our regular income. This is something that can be achieved more easily than ever thanks to the availability of high speed internet. There are various ways in which you can make money online and this includes:


  • Selling your unwanted items: Most of us have a range of items in the home that we no longer want, use or need. This could include everything from gadgets and devices through to toys, clothing, books, DVDs and more. Given that, at some point in the past, you spent good money on these items it seems a shame to just throw them away or leave them to fester and clutter up your home. A great alternative is to sell the items on to someone that will use them – and make some money at the same time. You can use sites such as eBay to sell your second-hand items with speed and ease.


  • Use your skills to make additional income each month: Making money by using your skills has never been easier. You may be great at baking, an excellent writer, great with photography, or a talented artist. Whatever your skills, you can sell your services and product online with ease. You can even use social networking platforms to promote yourself, set up a website or blog, join relevant sites such as photography or writing sites, and effectively earn a part-time or even full-time income online.


  • Become a YouTube star: We’ve all heard of Justin Bieber – this is a young man who has gained worldwide fame and become super-rich…and all thanks to the Internet. Becoming a local, national or even international celebrity has become far more viable for people around the world thanks to sites such as YouTube. You can utilise this site to upload videos that demonstrate your star quality and talent. If they capture the attention of internet users, you could find they go viral putting you on the road to fortune and fame.


  • Do online surveys: You will find a huge number of specialist survey sites online and these focus on collecting opinions and information from consumers. Many offer a small payment for each completed survey and while the amount received is usually only small it can quickly add up. So, if you have the time to complete surveys it is well worth signing up to some of these sites and doing surveys when you have some time to spare.


  • Become a virtual assistant: If you are organised, dedicated, and hard-working, you could make a living online as a virtual assistant. With many business owners and managers working from home or remotely, this type of service has become more popular. You can enjoy the benefits of working from home, avoiding traffic, and in some cases setting your own hours. On top of this, of course, you can make a regular income to help pay the mortgage or rent.


All of these are great ways to boost your income or make a little extra money from time to time. One of the key benefits is that there is minimal hassle involved because you can make money from your own home by using these methods.